Toxic-Free Nails & Gabriel Nail Polish Review


Have you ever taken a minute to read the ingredients in your favorite nail polish? Did you ever think your nail polish could be toxic? Or did you never think “well, I’m not eating it, so what’s the big deal?”

Just like our skin, our nails absorb whatever products we put on them. So whether you’re a nail art queen or just enjoy the occasional manicure, you should be concerned with finding the cleanest, toxic-free brands of nail polish. Here’s a little breakdown to make finding a toxic-free nail polish a little easier and a review on a great polish I had the pleasure of trying recently.


Unfortunately, just because a product says “toxic-free” on a label, you can’t just assume it is. There is not much legal regulation regarding what ingredients a brand can put in their product, as well as whether they choose to disclose that on their labeling. As more brands of nail polish are cleaning up their ingredient-listing, there is some common terminoligy starting to be used to reference the level of cleanliness of ingredients.

  • “3-free” is used to refer to nail polishes that are free of the following ingredients

Formaldehyde: A human carcinogen, which can also be a skin and respiratory irritant.

Toluene: A chemical that can impair breathing and cause nausea. In the case of pregnant women, it may cause developmental damage to the fetus.

DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate): A reproductive and developmental toxicant, which has been banned as an ingredient in cosmetic and personal care products in the European Union.

  • “5-free” would also be free of the following 2 ingredients:

Formaldehyde resin: Though not as dangerous as formaldehyde, it can cause dermatitis.

Camphor: A natural ingredient used in aromatherapy, but exposure in large doses can cause dizziness, nausea, and headache.

I hope this little bit of information can help you purchase a cleaner, toxic-free nail polish. Is there a brand you love that hasn’t reviewed their ingredients? Contact them and tell them you want them to! You would be surprised how responsive some brands are when consumers voice their concerns.


Gabriel Nail Polish in Fijian Goddess

Gabriel Cosmetics is a natural, vegan, and gluten-free skin-care and cosmetics line. In recent years, they’ve launched non-toxic nail polishes which are “5-free.” I only recently found out that they had nail polishes and got my hands on a bottle from their Tropical Collection in the color Fijian Goddess.

The consistency of Gabriel polishes is so fluid and easy to apply. There’s often a misconception that natural beauty products are incomparable to conventional brands. But this polish was highly pigmented, true to color, and had a smooth, glossy finish. In these photos, I have 2 coats on with no base or top coat. I did not see cracking or chipping for at least 5 days. Top coat will most likely help extend the look of your manicure.

Gabriel Nail Polishes are available on their website for $8.50. I would recommend checking them out and giving them a try! Their Spring and Summer collection of colors will be the perfect complement to the weather finally starting to warm up. Enjoy!


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