Sunsets, Snowstorms, and the City of Angels

I’ve been to California more times than I can count. I’ve mostly been to the Bay Area, which has become like a second home-great food and lots of family and friends. But the few times I’ve been to SoCal, I’ve really enjoyed it. Having so many different cities to visit in California is what makes me love it so much. There’s something for everyone.

Last week I was invited to help put on an amazing event with some dear friends in Los Angeles. IllMuslims, founded last year, is an organization hosting unique events to help build a sense of community, while also serving as a platform for creativity and showcasing talent. This specific event, Be Social, was a hit in Chicago and is now making its way to other cities. My mocktails station was well received in Chicago, so I was honored to take it to LA and serve up some tasty mojitos, sangria, and ginger beer. It was a great night of meeting new friends, shaking up some delicious drinks, and enjoying fun company.

Here are some of shots from our adventures and from the event Saturday night…

Make sure to keep reading on to hear how our weekend took an unexpected twist!

Griffith Observatory
Some needed relaxation before a crazy, busy night!
Griffith Observatory


Hollywood & Vine


Denim & Leather were my easy go-to outfit items this weekend.


Now on to the event…

Exact Science Gallery

Drinks shaken to order: Pineapple, Cucumber, Basil Mojitos & Apple, Mint, Ginger Beer Spritzers.
Our lovely host, Rumala!
Co-founder, Rummi, welcoming the crowd.
Sangria mixed and ready to serve.
Founders and Co-Hosts
Dear friend, travel buddy, and co-founder of IllMuslims, Sadaf!

See the full album of IllMuslims Be Social LA on their Facebook page.

Photos courtesy of LA-based photographer, iAMSHOOTER.

Now…on Sunday morning, after a successful event, we were packing and preparing to head home to Chicago. I then received a text from our airline saying that our flight was cancelled. After hours of being on hold, stressing about our jobs, and taking turns trying to book flights, we finally were able secure tickets home…on Tuesday night. There were absolutely no flights flying into Chicago Sunday or Monday due to the 5th worst snowstorm Chicago has experienced in its history. Thankfully, with amazing friends around us, we were able to just be grateful to have 2 more amazing nights in sunny California. We enjoyed our time on the beach, taking walks in the warm weather, and well you know I had to get in the kitchen and cook a few meals!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Palm Trees at Santa Monica Pier




Spring Mix, Honeycrisp Apples, Dried Cranberries, Blue Cheese, Walnuts, Fig Pomegranate Dressing


By popular demand-Pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella
Afternoon Walk Beauty
Dinner Prep


Rosemary Roasted Tri-Color Carrots, Parsnips, and Potatoes

Braised Leg of Lamb | Rosemary Tri-Color Carrots, Parsnips, and Potatoes | Yogurt Mint Chutney


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  1. Hi beautiful, I’m trying out a rendition of your pineapple, cucumber, basil mojitos. mA you are so talented, def inspiring me to get creative in the best room of the house, the kitchen.

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