Why I’m not waiting ’til 2016

Times Square, NYC | Photo by iAMSHOOTER

Although it’s only less than a month before many of us pledge to some type of self-improvement for the new year, it’s with no regret that I say…I won’t be joining in. It’s not that I don’t believe in resolutions and I’m sure I can use a few less pieces of chocolate in my diet. But the thing is, I’m too hungry for change. Too hungry to wait. Simple as that.

It’s been an extremely eventful 2015. I’ve traveled more in the past year than I have in my entire life. Most of my travels have been to work on events where I’ve been able to showcase and share just a fraction of my love and passion for food. More than that though, I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with inspiration from so many people that I’ve met from coast to coast. Those that started as friends and soon became family. From those who have just begun their journey of chasing their dreams to those we’ve celebrated milestones of success with. A blessed year indeed that I was never expecting, but am so grateful for.

This past year, I’ve seen some of the people I love most go through hardship I never imagined I would. But even through that hardship, I’ve been inspired by not only the patience, but the perseverance modeled by my dearest friends and family. When I see someone with so many of the odds against them stay positive and steadfast, I think of how many times I let the small hurdles of life distract me from my bigger goals and dreams.

My most important reflection of this year is what I’ve learned about myself, my strength, and my passion. If it wasn’t for the support and motivation of my family and friends, I probably would have never began the journey of chasing all my food dreams. Regardless of the support and validation though, I learned my biggest hurdle has always been myself. It’s amazing how we can always find a reason to hold ourselves back from sharing our passion with others. “My photos aren’t the best. I can’t film a video as entertaining as others. I’ll never have as many followers or likes as them.” It’s a lot easier to hold yourself back than to take the scary leap of sharing a piece of yourself with the world. But I’m done with that.

My ultimate goal has always been to inspire others in some way-whether it was to cook for the first time, try a new dish, or just make the time to sit down and have a meal with those they care about. I’m excited to keep working towards that goal and I hope you enjoy what I have to share. So here’s to sticking to your (early New Year’s) resolutions. Here’s to great meals with better company. And here’s to never losing touch with your passion. Cheers!

A little sneak of what’s to come…

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