30 Things I learned by my 30th birthday

The big 3-0. It’s an age I’ve feared for some time for so many reasons that aren’t worth focusing on. But I’m welcoming this next decade of my life with new found self-love and self-awareness that I’ve recently dedicated more to developing. The other night I started jotting down things I want to remind myself of and thought I’d compile a list and share it with y’all. Some of this is advice I’ve been given at different points in my life or realizations I’ve come to learn through experience, or both. Some of this I learned very young and very quickly and some of this came with time and practice. This is personal and may not apply in every way to everyone, but that’s the beauty in all of our own individual journeys. I’m grateful for all of life’s events that contributed to this, to the people that keep me sane through my growth, and above everything, God for blessing me in ways I can never stop being thankful for.

My 30’s ain’t even ready for me!

  1. Try every food, twice.
  2. Take pictures, but know if you forgot it probably means it was a great time.
  3. You can find inspiration in almost everything.
  4. Have mentors, but know you can learn something from everyone.
  5. Treat. Yo. Self.
  6. There’s no time for fake butter or people.
  7. Hug your parents, a lot.
  8. You can love from a distance.
  9. The most important meal is the one that’s shared with special people.
  10. Laugh a lot.
  11. Put (whomever you call) family first.
  12. Feed your soul.
  13. Treat your body right.
  14. Don’t read hate-filled comments sections.
  15. Know what it feels like to not eat for a day.
  16. Speak up.
  17. Ice cream fixes most problems.
  18. Forget about your phone sometimes.
  19. You’re not defined/limited by your relationship status.
  20. The world’s not fair.
  21. You’ll never have it all figured out.
  22. Being kind and sincere goes a long way.
  23. Choose your battles and don’t stress the small stuff.
  24. There’s plenty of creative, crazy talented people out there. Find them and make art with them.
  25. Have standards and don’t make exceptions.
  26. Be humble, forgive easily.
  27. Haters gon’ hate. *kayne shrugs*
  28. You’re a reflection of the company you keep.
  29. Take risks, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s never too late to start new.
  30. Trust your gut.

I can go on, but that’s not the point. I hope this inspired you to think about the things that get you through day to day.

Thank you all for the birthday love!


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