Huda Supper Club: Palestine Meets America

Sharing my love for food has manifested in so many ways over the years. From blogging recipes, to posting my faves on Instagram, to impromptu SnapChat cooking tutorials. But one of the most special and cherished events to me is Supper Club dinners. Supper Club is the chance I have to challenge my cooking style, meet new food-loving people, all while creating a real food experience for them.

I started Huda Supper Club 2 years ago and although I wish I could hold more of them, every time I have one, it truly reignites my creativity and love for food. In this last installment of Huda Supper Club, I wanted to create a menu that put the immigrant story literally on a plate. I was inspired by dishes and flavors of my Palestinian heritage and found ways to marry them with the experience of a first-generation American child of immigrants. My love for Latino, Italian, and South-Asian flavors were able to share the spotlight with the cuisine I learned from my mother. Fusion for the sake of fusion is one of my pet peeves so I didn’t push it. I let it happen organically and I think it worked out great, if I could say so myself!

A special and huge thank you to the entire Huda Supper Club family for all their hard work and support. Here are some of my favorite shots from the night and you can see the full album on my facebook page here.

Photos by iamShooter



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